Comments section


"Comments" pages on this wiki serve the same function as Talk or Discussion pages do on Wikipedia.

All Comments pages for pages in all other WikiGroup sections of this wiki are in this WikiGroup section. The color theme for this section is plain, so as to clearly identify these pages as comments and not content.


When you click on "Comments" in the upper right hand menu on a content page, it will call up either the existing comments page for that content page, if one exists, or a link to create a new comments page if one does not already exist.

One can then click "Page" in the upper right hand corner of the comments page to return to the (original) content page. (That "Page" link on function pages like this HomePage will not work since they are not generated for comments.)

Other features

The "Recent changes" tab in upper right lists changes in the Comments WikiGroup section. To list pages in this section enter "Comments/" (without quotes) in the search window at top right. sites) sites) sites)