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  1.   1.  Introduction
  2.   2.  In general
  3.   3.  Language pages
  4.   4.  Country pages

1.  Introduction

This wiki was originally set up as a way to gather information for a database, but as plans evolved, the concept was termed a "structured searchable data-mass." Organization of information was a concern from the beginning, and remains so as much as it does for any information resource.

The "data mass" combines information relevant to localisation in Africa and other uses of African languages in ICT, information that is otherwise partitioned by linguistic, geographic, and disciplinary focus.

2.  In general

The aims are to:

  • present information in consistent manner, facilitating access and editing
  • be comprehensive but succinct, which means duplicating the minimum of information available on other sites that is necessary to provide basic overview
  • where relevant information is not (or is no longer available) on websites, the emphasis is more on providing ample information

The URLs of external links are generally exposed rather than hidden in text links. The original thinking behind this decision was to allow printed versions of the wiki pages to be useful for accessing these sites.

British spellings of English were adopted for the wiki when it was started, and are preferred (except where a title or organisation name explicitly uses US spelling).

3.  Language pages

A language template is provided for adding language pages.

4.  Country pages

Titles on the country pages follow this formula:

  • In English
  • In French (if the same as English, the name given only once)
  • In other official languages (to the extent possible - the case of South Africa with 11 official languages makes this impractical in the current wiki format)

Other versions of a country's name in national languages (or in the case of South Africa, its official languages) are then given below the title