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Pan African Research on L10N Workshop and Localization "Blitz" | Marrakech / Abdel-KarimMardini
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Abdel-Karim is software architect and co-founder of OpenCraft, an open source software firm specializing in Web 2.0 information architecture and system integration. Embracing the open source philosophy coincides with his interest in knowledge management and representation, open standards, open content, software localization, emergence, software architecture, workflow automation, and web-based technologies. Mardini aspires to contribute to fostering a conducive environment for software research in Egypt and the Arab world.

Abdel-Karim holds a BSc in Computer Science from The American University in Cairo with a minor in Mathematics and Electronics. Prior to founding OpenCraft he held various development and research positions at SportsMEDIA Technology Corporation in the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina, the Distributed and Real-Time Systems group (DiRT) at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and Step 9 Software Corporation in Washington DC.

Email: mardini at open-craft dot com

Please create your personal data base of people and organisations who might play a role in the building of the Pan African Localisation Program

Follow this structure:
how do they fit in (re clusters)

Mohammed Sameer
Organization: OpenCraft
Email: msameer at open-craft dot com
Mohammed Sameer has been an active contributor to the FLOSS community for the past 5 years. He is quite knowledgeable in the area of localization and Arabization. Sameer also developed Katoob a gEdit-like text editor for Arabic. He has also contributed significantly to the ArabEyes project (http://www.arabeyes.org)

Ahmad Gharbeia
Email: ahmad at gharbeia dot org
Ahmad Gharbeia is a translator and has been involved in Arabizing many open source softwares.

Amr Gharbeia
Email: amr at gharbeia dot net
Amr Gharbeia has been leading the effort in the Arabization of Drupal CMS.

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