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Project Title: Create a Network of African Languages Resources under the Service of ACALAN
Project Title (fr): Créer au Service de l’ACALAN un Réseau Africain des Ressources Langagières

Project Aims:

There are currently more than 2000 African Languages in use in Africa (according to Ethnologue). Some languages are trans-border, some used by large number of speakers, others with written and/or oral heritages. African Language professionals are not currently organized in a manner that can enable them to play their important role in the development of African languages so that Africans can use their languages for coordinated Economic and Social Development in the current dynamic information society. It is therefore necessary to identify African Languages Professionals first and create a network for the purpose of developing African Languages resources for a planned and strategic approach of using them for developmental activities.

Which Languages?

The languages prioritized based on their importance in Economic and Social Development.

Which Region?

As much as possible, the whole of Africa

Who will benefit and how?

African population will benefit much. Because, it is an obvious fact that language has an important role in Economic development.

Is it Achievable?

Yes, it is possible through the AU organ, ACALAN.

In what time Frame?

Two years.

Who is needed to implement the project?

ACALAN, African Union, Academic and Research Institutions.

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