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Notes from Adel's presentation of the working group:

I would like to create a working group that leads the process from here onwards. It is important to note that this group is not a decision making structure. The working group will work for the whole larger group. The working group will draft a proposal according to the submission formats to IDRC and will always act in connection and consultation with the people interested in the larger group. It will prepare a joint proposal for the whole network. If we could find a group of people and institutions to work together on a series of actions on localistion. I would love to see teams and people from all over the continent addressing the high priority questions in all the structures we came up with by 2011. This is the mandate of this working group. The group will not work by itself. It will develop this proposal after consulting all the others and with IDRC. IDRC would like these activities to come out with a network, as to its form we can decide later on. We are flexible, but there are of course rules.

Comment by a participant:

I am not sure we have come to the point where we can actually approach such a joint programme. This is not something that can really be done virtually.

Adel continues:

But we can also say, that maybe we should broaden the mandate of the working group. However, if we realise that we have a number of smaller projects, and need to work more towards the creation of a joint network.

It is the work that is important not the final product. So from our perspective it would make sense to fund a project that is leading to capacity building - and the strengthening of institutions dealing with l10n in Africa.

The workshop members then met without facilitators and funders to decide on the members of the working group.

Working Group members

The group selected the following five individuals:

There might also be the need for additional input and advice:

This working group does not work in isolation. The working group has to decide how to involve the other individuals.

Time plan:

Working group should attempt to finish the first phase of work of preparing a proposal to IDRC by the end of July. Otherwise, we will continue in September and finalise in December.


Does the working group need to include all workshop members? - If the working group sends us proposals without input from all the members, their mandate will not be fulfilled. Everyone should be involved.

What is the maximum amount of budget that we can ask? - As a rough estimate, please use CA$ 1 Million / 3 year.

If the working group proposes a network that requires a lot more funding, will IDRC consider inclusion of additional funding from other donors? - Yes, that is definitely an option. For example, we would like to work with OSIWA.

Does IDRC only consider practical projects? - The projects clearly have to deal with localisation. For example, don't propose a project on multimedia on CDs. Also ask the question, what can we accomplish by 2011 or 2015 (WSIS + 10)? Everything we have collected is important, but you must choose the most important ones.

What are the processes of applying for funding? - On the left of the website "How to approach IDRC for funding" with many pages of details and instructions.

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