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Day 1 - IDRC / Adel

Download the presentation file here.

  • IDRC's strategy is to produce knowledge and also use that (maybe already existing) knowledge to resolve a development problem; and making a difference given the existing constraints and achievements / what is feasible and achievable now?
  • IDRC has included localisation into its strategic plan for the Acacia initiative for Africa. A meeting like this is crucial to advance this localisation programme of Acacia. There are many ideas floating around - one possibility would be to consider an international conference on African languages.
  • The workshop should take into account and build on the work already done, including PanAfrica Localisation, Track on Localisation at LISA (Cairo 2005), WordForge/, this meeting
  • In this sense, the workshop is a continuation of the work already started, including Don's work, the Casa workshop, etc.; the first steps for development of a network have been made already, but now we need to develop a work plan, research agenda (programme de travail / de recherche)

"We already started some work on localisation, but there is a commitment to do more. Also there are other partners who are interested in supporting localisation efforts."

High-level objectives are clear, but what are the concrete things IDRC would like to see happen as a result of this meeting:

  • Priorities (by language, region, are of work)
  • Draft outline of a research agenda (for a proposal) for internal use at IDRC (to present to Ottawa and ensure that there is support)
  • Clear work plan, strategy Identify potential partners and host institutions, who can manage / take charge of such a large project, can it be one organisation or many?
  • A spirit of collaboration, a willingness to work together and move localisation issues forward together in Africa

In developing the research agenda, keep in mind some of the lessons that can be learned from other network (RIA, PanAsiaLocalisation, GraceNet ....). A network can be a group of people / organisations who are working directly together, or a loose group of projects that share common objectives.

In sum:

  • Collaboration is key (individuals, project, experience)
  • Build on the things that exist
  • Be ambitious, but realistic
  • Dare to dare
  • Think about the future and create it
  • Demonstrate, create awareness, and implement


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