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Short Bio:

    * MSc degree in Computer Science in 1989 from Dresden University of Technology, Dresden, Germany.
    * Lecturer in Computer Science at Alemaya University till 1995.
    * Lecturer in Computer Science in the Department of Computer Science, Addis Ababa University from September 1995 to August 1997.
    * Phd in Computer Science in 2003 from University of Lyon (INSA de Lyon), Lyon, France (1999 to 2003).
    * Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Addis Ababa University (August 2003 to present). 

Research Interests:

    * localisation,
    * localization of mobile devices,
    * multimedia data managment, 

Some of the masters thesis I advised on Localization:

    * Wireless Java Application for Unicode-based Simple Text Message (STM) in Ethiopic Script, By: Shiferaw Abebe, External Advisor: Dr. Samuel Kinde, University California, Irvine, CA. Co-Advisor: Dr. Solomon Atnafu (2003/04).
    * Online Handwriting Recognition for Ethiopic Characters, By Abinet Shemelis, Advisor: Dr. Solomon Atnafu (2004/05).
    * Writer Independent On-line Handwriting Recognition for Ethiopic Characters, By Daniel Negussie, Advisor: Dr. Solomon Atnafu (2004/05).
    * WAP for Ethiopic Content: An Application for Accessing Marketing Information, By Teferi Assefa, Advisor: Dr. Solomon Atnafu (2004/05).

Contact Address:

    * email: or
    * postal address: P.O.Box 80804, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Please create your personal data base of people and organisations who might play a role in the building of the Pan African Localisation Program

Follow this structure: name organisation email how do they fit in (re clusters)

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