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Pan African Research on L10N Workshop and Localization "Blitz" | Marrakech / StructureOfGroups
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(This is the group that was considered to be on the "right" of the spectogram)

Structured /Managed Networking (Structuration et gestion du réseau)

Briefly describe the structure
We are thinking about a structured and managed multi-stakeholders network which facilitates innovative approaches based on a partnership approach in order to achieve its goals

You can think of it as a connected graph where autonomous projects, institutions, or individuals represent nodes that are connected to other nodes and to the hub/central node of the network.

Types of roles in structure
Coordination Body: Provides overall techincal, financial, and political leadership Members: Responsible for creating, innovating, and doing the work

How can coordination be provided
Technical: Project is presented, idea evaluated, grouped with other projects if need be to achieve synergies, coordinate the allocation of tasks, manage online tools like wiki, email lists, ...etc.

Financial: are there resources to fund this project ? If not raise funds.

Political: Lobbying, forming interest groups to influence policy

How to make sure things move ahead

  • Setting up a strategic plan
  • Partnership approach
  • Regular online meetings
  • Regular status updates

How are decisions made
There are 5 types of decisions:

  1. Inter-projects level
  2. Intra-project
  3. Project to coordinator
  4. Network-wide
  5. Inter-coordinator

How does collaboration happen within the structure
In the spirit of partnership (Please see moving ahead)

A structure could exist within an existing instituion that provides it only institutional support while the tasks and roles are defined by the proposed structure which is accountable to itself.


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