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Note: This summary does not provide a full and detailed picture of the day. It picks out a few issues that came up. Please refer to the original presentations for more detail. Also, please feel free to add comments / edits!

In this summary: we are speaking about process and not so much about content.

Won't spend much time speaking about the presentations, also because all of them are on the website in mp3 format (in the original language only at this point), and we are uploading the presentation today.

However, ACALAN. Government involvement vs non-governmental. The spectrum between minister-level policy, and hands-on practical work which has to be taken into account. Also, there was an impressive and ambitious list of projects - and there seem to be a number of good opportunities to connect with some of the ideas that are being developed in this group.

The emphasis of the cocktail party and the open mic was to get to know each other and learn more about current projects. The open mic focus was on practical tools - seemed to be a stronger focus on translators than in some of the discussions before. (except for Lamine)

Collecting / Combining / Clustering - brought out a lot of ideas, and participants felt that worked quite well to show diversity. It provided an opportunity for everyone to share and include their ideas into the process - maybe this was not so much possible before. Everybody had a chance to express themselves.

People are starting to build relationships and spend time in smaller groups during breaks and lunch to discuss individual projects. That is definitely encouraged.

Where are we:

We have even bettern understanding of who we are and what we are currently working on and have started to think of ways to connect and work together in the form of concrete projects.

We have a comprehensive (overwhelming) list of project ideas and research questions that this group feels is relevant.

We have a Draft Vision. The idea was to have a broad statement that everyone can see themselves working towards. It describes a perfect future - not something that we can realistically achieve by ourselves, but that we can contribute to.

The draft vision will be finalised by the network once it is formed. Acacia took 3 months to do that :-)

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