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Note: This summary does not provide a full and detailed picture of the day. It picks out a few issues that came up. Please refer to the original presentations for more detail. Also, please feel free to add comments / edits!

Summary Day 3

We worked very hard. There was an incredible amount of discussion and group work, discussing project ideas, and the content of the process was developed and driven by the group itself in a very open and collaborative process. That also led to some frustration, which is not unusual in such processes. The discussions that took place were based on existing interest and backgrounds, rather than on a birds-eye strategic view.

The outcomes reflected quite well, where we are, but some participants felt that the connection to where we want to be needs to be brought out more clearly. What also became clear was that different people want to be in different places - sometimes and for some the sub-swimming-pool meeting room was maybe not one of them.

I was not able to take much notes during Ask the funder, but maybe one of you can share their notes - or maybe Adel and Ben can share their. The second half of the discussion is also available as audio.

Where are we:

We have 87 ideas that are grouped into different categories (or clusters). They represent an overview of what this group feels are important projects that the individuals who proposed them would like to work on.

We have seen some of these projects in more detail and noticed that there is a large degree of overlap, and often a possibility for combination, and definitely collaboration.

I think we have also seen that an open collaborative process in a group of this size is difficult - and that there are many different ideas, people are at different levels, and work under different constraints and interests.

Where we want to go

Speak about an organisational structure in which all of these different ideas and levels could be represented and collaboration and combination happen.

Speak about the practical next steps of what happens when we leave this room.

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