Africa Top Level Domain Organization

The Africa Top Level Domain Organization (AFTLD or AfTLD; formerly known as African Top Level Domains Organization) "is an association of top level country code domain name (ccTLD) managers in the Africa region." (from the AFTLD website, 9-2015) It "acts as a focal point for all the African TLDs Managers, to discuss matters of policy that affect ccTLDs globally and then, where possible, to present the group's position as one voice." (from the AFTLD website, 12-2007)


"AFTLD started as a project through which ISO 3166 Country-Code Top-Level Internet Domain (ccTLD) Registries in the African geographical area could share information and engage in concerted action, on issues of common concern. More than 50 ccTLDs were associated with the project." (from the AFTLD website, 12-2007)

"AfTLD is recognized as the representative of country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) managers from the Africa region by ICANN and other related global organizations. It is an active participant in the ICANN ccNSO, and also actively participates in various Internet governance fora, including the IGF?, where it has run a number of workshops." (from the AFTLD website, 12-2007)

It is an interAfrican organisation, with secretariat based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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