Action for Global Information Sharing

"Action for Global Information Sharing (AGIS) is a network of organizations that organizes events and supports projects that promote access to information and knowledge for all. It brings together civil society, business people, technology experts, linguists and politicians from around the world to jointly discover and develop innovative solutions that will allow the world to listen to its diverse voices in their own language." (Wikipedia, accessed 30 Oct 2015)

It held conferences in 2009-2011:

  • AGIS '09 - Action week for Global Information Sharing: Promoting Equality through Language and Cultural Diversity, 21 - 23 September 2009, University of Limerick, Ireland (Under the Patronage of The President of the University of Limerick, a joint initiative by Translators without Borders and The Rosetta Foundation?)
  • AGIS '10 6-7 December 2010, Delhi, India (the Action Week for Global Information Sharing, also included a pre-conference event 1-4 December 2010). (Under the patronage of the Indian Department of Information Technology / Technology Development for Indian Languages [TDIL], and organized by: the Indian Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC); GIST Research Labs; the Localisation Research Centre; the Centre For Next Generation Localisation [Ireland]; and The Institute of Localisation Professionals [TILP])
  • AGIS '11 1-2 Decemter 2011, UN Conference Centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. It was organised by UNECA, CDAC, and LRC, and supported by several organisations.

AGIS Africa

In 2012, UNECA and LRC announced "AGIS Africa," a graduate scholarship program supported by GALA and The Rosetta Foundation? for African students to study localisation at University of Limerick.

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