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The African Language Teachers Association (ALTA) is a U.S.-based organisation of African language teaching professionals.

Website: http://lang.nalrc.wisc.edu/alta/

ALTA is not directly involved in localisation, but since language teaching increasingly uses ICTs, the work of its members involves African language computing.


(from the ALTA website)

  • To develop a field of African Language Teaching where members can share common interests and concerns having to do with the study of African languages;
  • To identify for each African language, with priority given to those most commonly studied, sets of learning materials for beginning, intermediate and advanced study;
  • To establish needs and priorities for new learning materials and resources, both generic and for specific languages, and then to develop new learning materials for these languages;
  • To provide training on pedagogy, computer use, and language program design to its members;
  • To link efforts of teachers and researchers in Africa with those outside of Africa.

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