Association of African Internet Service Provider Associations is an interAfrican association of country-level associations of ISPs. It is "a non-profit organisation, whose members are themselves non-profit organisations, The members of these national ISP Associations in turn are mostly commercial organisations. Formed in 2001, AfrISPA has grown over the years in membership numbers, in effectiveness, and in influence."



AfrISPA's mission is described as: "To address the strategic interventions in policy, regulatory and operational capacity building that affect the delivery of Internet Services in Africa and further afford operational support to service providers through business and funding opportunities, human resource development, information propagation, internet awareness and usage."

AfrISPA has had funding from DFID, IDRC, and OSI?.

AfrISPA produced a document on "Strategies for Increased Internet Growth" in 2005 (which mentioned "work with international software companies to develop tools for capturing and processing local languages in Africa"). See:

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