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PanAfriL10n - PanAfrLoc - AfrikaansLocalisation2

Afrikaans localisation 2

This is a test of a table for recording information on localisation progress for Afrikaans. Another version is presented at AfrikaansLocalisation.

Afrikaans localisation progress
Basics / éléments de base
Character set / jeu de caractères Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) is commonly used
Fonts / Polices Standard Latin fonts include the necessary characters.
Encoding conversion utility
Collation sequence
Interface Terminology Yes
Locale Yes, in glibc, Windows, CLDR & OpenOffice (details?)
Keyboards / Claviers
Standard layout / disposition ?
Driver / pilote
Language resources / Ressources en langues
Lexicon Kuberwoordeboek (Cyber dictionary) (2007), Termshare terminology by Translate.org.za http://translate.org.za/content/view/1782/82/lang,af/
Text corpus Wikipedia contains over 2 million words at the start of 2007
Utilities & software / Utilités et logiciels
Normalization & sorting utility
Find/replace utility
Office suite

The OpenOffice.org suite of software applications has been localized in Afrikaans by Translate.org.za: http://translate.org.za/content/view/17/54/

Microsoft has localised MSOffice in Afrikaans in a LIP package:

Web browser Firefox has been localised by Translate.org.za: http://translate.org.za/content/view/1611/54/

Opera? is available in Afrikaans: http://www.opera.com/download/languagefiles/(approve sites)

E-mail client Thunderbird has been localised by Translate.org.za: http://translate.org.za/content/view/1612/54/
Operating system


Microsoft has localised Windows XP in Afrikaans in a LIP package: Windows® XP Afrikaanse Taalpakket via http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/Browse.aspx?displaylang=af&categoryid=7

Language technology / Technologie de langue
Spell checker Spell checkers for OpenOffice.org and the Mozilla applications: http://translate.org.za/content/view/1610/54/lang,af/

Aspell and Ispell checkers are commonly available in Linux distributions.

Proprietary spell checker for Microsoft Office: http://spel.co.za/(approve sites)

Grammar checker
Text-to-speech Espeak has support for reading Afrikaans
Speech recognition
Machine translation Apertium? has preliminary infrastructure in place for English-Afrikaans and Afrikaans-English translation
OCR system
Mobile, handheld devices /
Keypad (phone)
Interface terminology
Mobile/PDA fonts
Predictive text Certain Nokia models (like 6020) has predictive text ability for Afrikaans