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PanAfriL10n - PanAfrLoc - Bedawi

Bedawi (Beja - Bedja) - بداوية

1.  Classification / Classification

Afro-Asiatic, Cushitic, North (Ethnologue?)

2.  Where Spoken / Localisation géographique

Mainly in coastal Sudan, into northern Eritrea and perhaps southeastern Egypt.

Map at right is an illustration of possible extent of use of Bedawi.

3.  Number of Speakers / Nombre de locuteurs

According to Ethnologue:

  • 951,000 in Sudan (1982 SIL)
  • 150,000 in Eritrea (2001 Johnstone and Mandryk)
  • (no figures for Egypt)

The Wikipedia article cites a figure of 2 million.

4.  Dialect Survey / Enquête de dialecte

According to Ethnologue: Hadendoa (Hadendowa, Hadendiwa)

  • Hadareb (Hadaareb)
  • Bisharin (Bisarin, Bisariab)
  • Beni-Amir
  • Ababda
  • Amara

5.  Usage / Utilisation

6.  Orthography / Orthographe

6.1  Status / Statut

Written in Arabic script, apparently with some modified characters (verify).

6.2  Sample Alphabet / Alphabet exemple

7.  Use in ICT / Utilisation dans les TIC

7.1  Fonts / Polices

Arabic fonts with extended characters (?) include the necessary characters (verify).

7.2  Keyboard layouts / Dispositions de clavier

7.3  Content on computers & internet / Contenu en informatique et sur l'Internet

"U Sakanah" online newspaper at http://www.sakanab.wtcsites.com/

7.4  Localized software / Logiciels localisés

None known of.

7.5  Language codes / Codes de langue

Beja, Bedja

  • ISO 639-1: -
  • ISO 639-2: bej
  • ISO 639-3: bej

7.6  Locales / Paramètres régionaux

7.7  Other / Autre

8.  Localisation resources / Ressources pour localisation

8.1  Individuals (experts) / Individuelles (experts)

8.2  Institutions / Institutions

8.3  On the internet / Sur la toile

Rosetta Project http://www.rosettaproject.org/archive/bej/view?searchterm=Bedawi

Virtual keyboard/character pickers:

9.  Comments / Remarques

10.  References / Références

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