E-mail client

E-mail cleint (also Mail User Agent [MUA]; AR عميل بريد إلكتروني ; FR client de messagerie ; PT cliente de e-mail) is a name used to describe a software application that handles e-mail. This is different from a web-based email program like Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail, in that it is installed on a computer, allows the user to download and save email, and permits composing e-mail offline to send later.

Examples include:

A key issue with e-mail clients (localised or not) for sending and receiving e-mail in many African languages is whether they support Unicode (UTF-8) or not. "Many email clients now offer some support for Unicode. While some use Unicode by default, many others will automatically choose between a legacy encoding and Unicode depending on the mail's content, either automatically or when the user requests it." (Wikipedia)

Localised e-mail clients

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