PanAfrLoc, the core of the PanAfrican Localisation Resource Wiki

This section or "WikiGroup" of the PanAfrican Localisation Resource Wiki has the pages on a wide variety of topics useful for planning and undertaking localisation in African languages. Most of those are organized under five main headings together called "L10n Profiles."

The wiki also retains information on two other parts of the PanAfrican Localisation project - PanAfrican Localisation workshops and a survey document.

It is hoped that the information in this section can receive significant updates, and that additional relevant pages can be added.

Navigation note

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Content structure

Most of the pages in this section are in 5 major categories of "Localisation Profiles" listed below. They are further explained in the page on L10n Profiles:

  • Major Languages - A number of languages are targeted for attention based on the number of speakers and their importance. These include all African languages with more than one million speakers and some with less.
    • Another page on More languages facilitates adding information on any an all other African languages
  • Writing Systems - All writing systems, historic and in actual use, are mentioned, with particular attention to those in active use: Latin (including extended Latin), Arabic (including extended Arabic), Ethiopic/Ge'ez, Tifinagh, and N'Ko.
  • Countries - Countries of the continent are listed, with information on languages, linguistic policy, ICT situation, ICT policy, and localisation situations.
  • Organisations - Various organisations, agencies, institutions, and companies that work in several countries or all of the African continent.
  • Localisation (L10n) Resources - Overview of various sources of information and software "tools" and that facilitate aspects of localisation.