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L10n Layercake

Daniel Yacob has developed a nice schematic for understanding how the standards and technologies fit together in supporting localisation: a "layercake" inspired by a similar approach for describing the "semantic web." A full explanation with links is available at http://yacob.org/L10nLayerCake/ .

The image is reproduced here with permission:

Explanations of abbreviations and terms: [in process]

  • BDF - (Glyph) Bitmap Distribution Format (font format)
  • CLDR - Common Locale Data Repository
  • CSS - Cascading Style Sheets (W3C has worked a lot on this)
  • IIIMF - Internet Intranet Input Method Framework
  • ICU - [Interactive Chart Utility ?]
  • ISO - International Organisation for Standardisation
  • LDML - Locale Data Markup Language
  • OTF - Open Type? Fonts
  • Pango - a library for laying out and rendering of text
  • PO
  • SCIM - Smart Common Input Method
  • TR
  • TTF - True Type Fonts
  • UCD - Unicode Character Database
  • Unicode
  • XLIFF - XML Localization Interchange File Format

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