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Localisation (L10n) Resources

This page brings together some information and links of general use to localisation efforts, and multilingual ICT, in and for Africa. Particular attention is given to what are sometimes called "tools" that assist in localising software or content. This information, together with specific language, country and script information from the profiles, are intended to be of use to localisers.

Be sure to consult also the relevant language, country, and if necessary writing system pages for resources specific to the work you are doing.

1.  Overview & general information

1.1  Foundations

1.2  Understanding how the pieces work together

1.3  Guides for localisation

1.4  Guides for underresourced languages

1.5  African language resources

2.  Resources by topic

2.1  Input hardware & software

2.2  Fonts & rendering

2.3  Codes and tags

2.4  Locales

2.5  Terminology

2.6  The work of localisation

2.7  Other

3.  Forums

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