Localization Industry Standards Association

The Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) was founded in 1990 and ceased operations in 2011. Its 2005 conference in Cairo included a track on localisation in Africa.

Website: www.lisa.org (website closed; access old site via http://www.archive.org/ )


LISA was described as "the leading international forum for organizations doing business globally. It has distilled the right ways and wrong ways of supporting international customers, products and services over the last fifteen years from more than 500 corporate members, public & private institutions, government ministries and trade organizations."

It provided "professional support for the development of enterprise globalization guidelines, best practices, and business standards. These ensure that multiple language business processes, services, software, documentation, and other products can be implemented worldwide with the highest possible quality standards. They enable organizations to conduct business around the world and compete in international markets." (from the LISA site)

Translation Memory eXchange

TMX was originally developed by LISA in 1997.

LISA/Cairo 2005 Africa track

LISA held a conference in Cairo, Egypt in December 2005. Arabize helped organise it. IDRC funded a track of several presentations on African localisation.


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