Leland Initiative

The Leland Initiative is a program funded by USAID to improve connectivity? on the country level in a number of African states.

Website: http://www.usaid.gov/leland/

The Leland Initiative was begun in 1995 as "a five-year $15 million US Government effort to extend full Internet connectivity to twenty or more African countries in order to promote sustainable development." It was set up with 3 objectives:

  1. Create an Enabling Policy Environment: "The project will promote policy reform to reduce barriers to open connectivity."
  2. Create a Sustainable Supply of Internet Services: "The project will identify appropriate hardware, assist with full Internet connectivity, and assist private sector ISPs to develop their industry."
  3. Enhance Internet Use for Sustainable Development: "The project will increase the ability of African societies to use the communication and information tools of the Internet."


The Leland Initiative site lists the following countries as benefiting from its efforts:

  1. Benin - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/benindex.htm
  2. Botswana - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/botindex.htm
  3. Côte d'Ivoire - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/cotindex.htm
  4. Eritrea - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/eriindex.htm
  5. Ethiopia - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/ethindex.htm
  6. Ghana - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/ghaindex.htm
  7. Guinea Bissau - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/gbiindex.htm
  8. Guinea-Conakry http://www.usaid.gov/leland/guiindex.htm
  9. Kenya - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/kenindex.htm
  10. Madagascar - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/madindex.htm
  11. Malawi - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/mlwindex.htm
  12. Mali - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/malindex.htm
  13. Mozambique - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/mozindex.htm
  14. Namibia - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/namindex.htm
  15. Rwanda - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/rwaindex.htm
  16. Senegal - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/senindex.htm
  17. South Africa - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/souindex.htm
  18. Tanzania - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/tanindex.htm
  19. Uganda - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/ugaindex.htm
  20. Zambia - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/zamindex.htm
  21. Zimbabwe - http://www.usaid.gov/leland/zimindex.htm

The Leland Initiative coordinated with UNDP's "Internet Initiative for Africa" to provide connectivity to as many countries as possible. (Okpaku 2003:289).

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