The Linguapax Institute is an international non-governmental organisation (NGO) "dedicated to the preservation and promotion linguistic diversity worldwide." It grew out of a UNESCO process of meetings concerning multilingual education beginning in 1987. As an NGO since 2001, it is based in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. (Linguapax website, accessed 2015-10-7)


Linguapax's main aim is "to rally linguistic communities worldwide around the belief that languages, as essential vehicles of identity and cultural expression are inseparable from the goals peace and intercultural understanding." (Linguapax website, accessed 2008-02-29)

Its activities are described (on its website, accessed 2008-02-29) as falling under three categories:

  • "consultations to state and substate language policy makers"
  • "collaboration in language revitalization and standardization projects on behalf of minority language communities"
  • "elaboration of teaching materials advocating the values of linguistic and cultural diversity"

It also awards the annual Linguapax Prize in recognition of work on linguistic diversity and multilingual education. There have been three African recipients of the prize:

Linguapax has set up an International Network, which includes a branch for Africa that is based in Cameroon - Linguapax Afrika.

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