"The Local Generator (aka LocaleGEN) is a web based tool created by IT+46 to support the creation of locale files for CLDR." It was created in 2006, and the last numbered version is 1.6 (as of 2009).

Website: http://www.it46.se/localegen/

During its first 4 years (as of 2010), 170 locales had been generated with LocaleGEN, and about 25% of those made were included in OpenOffice.org code.

In 2009, LocaleGEN was rewritten to facilitate the creation of 100 African locales (Afrigen). That work, in connection with ANLoc, represented the biggest effort to submit African locales to CLDR.

Regarding submitting new locale data, see the OOo wiki at https://wiki.openoffice.org/wiki/How_to_submit_new_Locale_Data