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Mandome was invented in 1978 by David Wabeladio Payi, in Dem. Rep. of Congo. It was used at its beginning mainly by the Kimbanguist church in DRC for writing Kongo. Mandombe can also be used to write Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba and most tonal languages and even European languages such as French.

It is not encoded in Unicode, but

Mandombe is apparently not yet added to ISO-15924.


An example in Kongo can be seen at: http://www.hapax.qc.ca/pdf/notre-p%e8re-kikongo.pdf

There were websites on Mandombe at mandombe.info and mandombe.org, but these are now offline.

Il y a une explication et un tableau des transformations sur Wikipedia


There also exists a simplified Mandombe script: Sakwameso perso.wanadoo.fr/kimbangu.net/Mandombe%20en%20Sakwameso.htm (page offline). References to this and how it is simplified have been hard to find. (The above link was seen on the French Wikipedia page in 2007.)

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