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PanAfriL10n - PanAfrLoc - NOGs


"Internet Network Operators' Groups (NOGs) are informal groups which exist to provide forums for Internet network operators to discuss matters of mutual interest, usually through a combination of mailing lists and annual conferences. Although these groups have no formal power, their members are typically influential members of the Internet Service Provider, Internet Exchange Point, Regional Internet Registry, Operational Security and other network operations communities and discussions within these groups are often influential in the overall process of running the Internet." (Wikipedia, accessed 2015-12-8)

African NOGs include:

  • AfNOG - African Network Operators' Group
  • cmNOG - Cameroonian Network Operators' Group
  • ghNOG? - Ghana Network Operators' Group
  • ngNOG? - Nigerian Network Operators' Group
  • RWNOG? - Rwanda Network Operators' Group
  • tzNOG? - Tanzania Network Operators' Group
  • SAFNOG? - Southern African Network Operators' Group
  • AfNOG