PAN L10n

Pan Asia Networking (PAN) Localisation (PAN L10n) is a project for localisation in Asia that is sponsored by IDRC.


The PAN L10n project had a two phases funded by IDRC - the first phase from 2004 to 2007, and the second phase from 2007 to 2010. The last activity listed on its website was the 10th Workshop on Asian Language Resources in December 2012. (need more info)

"Phase I of PAN Localization project focussed on developing local language standards and technology across seven Asian countries. The countries (and languages) included in the Project were Afghanistan (Pashto), Bangladesh (Bangla), Bhutan (Dzongkha), Cambodia (Khmer), Laos (Lao), Nepal (Nepali) and Sri Lanka (Sinhala, Tamil)."


Phase II of PAN Localization project focused on "research into challenges associated with digital literacy of end-users using the localized technology for communication and to produce local language content. The project will also continue to further mature the language technology in the target languages.

"The general objectives of Phase II of the project are to: (i) examine effective means to develop digital literacy through the use of local language computing and content. (ii) explore development of sustainable human resource capacity for R&D in local language computing as a means to raise current levels of technological support for Asian languages. (iii) advance policy for development and use of local language computing and content. (iv) study and develop coherent instruments to gauge the effectiveness of multi-disciplinary research concerning the adoption of local language technology by rural communities."

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