RSS = really simple syndicaton

Actually "RSS" has other explanations, but basically it is a way of feeding titles from a mailing list or website to another site.

For more info, see:

Inserting RSS feeds on PanAfriL10n pages

On this wiki, it is possible to insert RSS feeds from other pages. The country WikiGroup "L10n" communities will have some feeds set up, for instance.

Two systems are installed, one using Magpie (RssFeedDisplay), and the other developed for the PmWiki itself (PmFeed). Reference pages giving instructions are at:

At this writing it is not clear what the overall advantages of each are, but a limited experiment showed that each had different advantages in handling French accented characters from different sites (RssFeedDisplay did better with feed from a Yahoogroup; PmFeed better with feed from a QuickTopic forum).

Getting RSS feeds from PanAfriL10n pages on another site

If you want an RSS feed from this wiki on a page in another site, use the page address (URL) plus ?action=rss

For instance, to have an RSS feed of all recent changes on the site, use: