"Sociolinguistics is the descriptive study of the effect of any and all aspects of society, including cultural norms, expectations, and context, on the way language is used, and the effects of language use on society." (Wikipedia, accessed 25 Oct 2015)

Basic concepts

  • Speech community - "a distinct group of people who use language in a unique and mutually accepted way among themselves"
  • High and low prestige varieties - "Crucial to sociolinguistic analysis is the concept of prestige; certain speech habits are assigned a positive or a negative value, which is then applied to the speaker."
  • Social network - "another way of describing a particular speech community in terms of relations between individual members in a community" (Wikipedia, accessed 25 Oct 2015)

Related fields

Sociology of language

"Sociology of language studies society in relation to language whereas Sociolinguistics studies language in relation to society. For the former, society is the object of study, whereas, for the latter, language is the object of study. (Wikipedia, accessed 25 Oct 2015)

Linguistic anthropology

"Linguistic anthropology is the interdisciplinary study of how language influences social life. It is a branch of anthropology that originated from the endeavor to document endangered languages, and has grown over the past 100 years to encompass most aspects of language structure and use." (Wikipedia, accessed 25 Oct 2015)

See also: Applied linguistics

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