Community and interaction ideas

  • making pal open or not
  • consensus is to make the pal wiki open to all.
  • login kind. anyone can login?
  • post events in forums
  • calendar of events. click on dates to check events
  • announcements of tools, projects, workshops in forums
  • visible new posts in one place
  • popular posts - how often it has been viewed, commented on or emailed
  • ability to email an article to a friend
  • block that shows the most emailed articles
  • threaded and chronological commenting
  • commenting possible anywhere
  • spip, open source CMS that categorizes comments and takes care of multilingual projects
  • comments translatable? using google tanslate? or volunteers to translate comments and posts?
  • volunteer system for translating posts and comments?
  • maintainers of CMS
  • 'translate this' link on specific comments and topics

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