I am Mouhamadou Mamoune Mbacke from Senegal. I am happy to take part in the PanAfrican L10n Project.

  • I have been working on localizing open source softwares (Debian Linux, Gnome) into Wolof.
  • I spent some years in Morocco, where I had a post graduate diploma in Arabic Literature.
  • Wolof is my native language, but as I am interested in linguistics and problems related to languages, I learned some foreign languages. A part from English, I am fluent in French, Arabic and Spanish. I have a fairly good knowledge of Italian, Hebrew and some Persian.
  • I took a distant learning course on programming and analysis.
  • Currently, I am in an interpreting school in Paris, France
  • My hobbies: Astronomy, reading, movies, sports etc..

Action plan / Plan d'action

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