Five specific recommendations for the PAL wiki site

But first... "2 Driving Ideas" These are ideas that should be kept in mind as decisions are made about content and structure.

  • Community:

"Will this build/encourage communtiy?"

  • Self-Interest:

"Those who contribute don't want to duplicate what they have already done somewhere else and they are primarily interested in promoting their own work.

Specific Recommendations

1. Aggregation

“The PAL wiki should function primarily as an aggregator of the content of others.”

  • Ethnologue
  • Localizer sites
  • Blogrolls related to A12n
  • RSS based on frequently used tags (PAL, A12n, localization)

2. Tighten focus

“People should see this as the ‘Site of A12n’ as opposed to another site about languages of Africa.”

3. Leverage existing tools

“Don’t recreate tools that are better handled by others (Blogs for localizers, a Bulletin board or forum system”

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