Strategy and Sustainability

Looking at current PM-wiki, does the software have enough of the features that we want without needing to migrate out?

Assess and install PmWiki modules for CMS and community features

Cost/benefit of migrating to CMS. Simpler to leave everything on PM Wiki, activate features that haven't yet been turned on, and live without features that don't yet exist.

Features now available on PM Wiki (in theory):

  • hierarchical categories
  • email notification of page changes
  • RSS
  • easy I18n feature
  • various blog options
  • 2 forum options

Wiki is not a place to create a community. CMS is the platform to create a community, on which you place the wiki as one community tool. The CMS will make the content of the wiki much more accessible and easier to find.

Building a community site that encompasses the wiki within.

Users can register, have their own blogs, customize their aggregation, comment on pages, track watchlists.

Migrating existing wiki to a new system would be difficult.

However, between CMS and wiki should be a single login, so users can edit and post and blog. Research question: does a script exist to migrate PM-wiki to Drupal??

If migrating to Drupal, $$ to pay programmer to implement migration. OpenCraft? and kasahorow have experience installing Drupal.

Website steering committee:

  • online group to make strategic decisions about the site
  • members drawn from IDRC partners
  • Don, Dwayne

After March, who is maintaining the resource? Is there an editor who actively updates the pages? Regional editors who volunteer to maintain particular pages? A paid editor to (a) make sure things don't fall to pieces and/or (b) add meaningful content

volunteers = self-interest. If a specific page will reflect badly on you if it is not up to date, then you will make sure it is maintained. An ownership model where people take responsibility for particular pages?

A12n – the subcommittee feels that changing names midstream would be a distraction.

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