Javier Solá

Javier Solá is the coordinator of the Khmer OS Initiative, a NGO-based project aimed at producing free software in Khmer language. He is also directing a project to develop an "Open Source Localization Toolkit" addressed to small economies that wish to start localization projects. He participates in some specific Open Source projects that attempt to facilitate localization processes. His interest on Open Source derives from the believe that it can be used to reduce the digital divide through localization. He is interested on finding working strategies for wide distribution of Open Source software? in poor countries.

Javier was formerly Director of the Spanish Internet Users Association, where - for seven years - he pushed the development of Internet in Spain through participation on Internet related legislation and coordination of competing telecommunication companies to improve service to users. During that time he participated very activelly in the creation of ICANN? (the Internet's central managment Association), where he was chairman of the working group that decided the creation of new Internet top level domains (.info, .biz, etc.).

Javier has a background in Artificial Intelligence as well as in software development, working for companies in France and Spain. He has also taught at several different universities in France, Spain, the United Sates and Cambodia. Javier holds a BSc degree from Duke University and a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Sciences from Ohio State University (both in USA).