Page links, wanted pages, & orphans

PmWiki offers a way to view the number of page links, what pages are "wanted" or "missing" (linked to a page not yet created), or orphaned (pages not linked to by others). Clicking on "RefCount" below will open a new page where you can select the parameters you want to view. (If you are trying this the first time, please read the explanation below.)

The refcount form contains the following controls:

  • Show ~ This selects which pages will appear in the output
    • all ~ Shows all references
    • missing ~ Shows only references to pages that don't exist - what in Wikipedia are called "wanted" pages
    • existing ~ Shows only references to pages that do exist
    • orphaned ~ Shows pages that exist but don't have any references to them. There is no way to browse to an orphaned page.
  • page names in group ~ Selects which group(s) to the referenced pages can be in (for example, "PanAfrLoc")
  • referenced from pages in ~ Selects which group(s) the referencing pages can be in (could be the same or a different group)
  • Display referencing pages ~ Includes a link to the referencing page -- this can make for a very long output unless you limit the groups searched