AITI-KACE is the Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT / Advanced Information Technology Institute. It is located in Accra, Ghana.



AITI-KACE, "Ghana's first Advanced Information Technology Institute works to stimulate the growth of the ICT? Sector in ECOWAS. Established in 2003, through a partnership between the Government of Ghana and the Government of India, this state-of the-art facility provides a dynamic environment for innovation, teaching and learning as well as practical research on the application of ICT4D in Africa."

In May 2010, AITI-KACE hosted the 4th IDLELO conference on FOSS in Africa. In December of the same year, an ANLoc & kasahorow-sponsored FOSS Localisation Training workshop was held at AITI-KACE.

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