Basic Standardization of All (unwritten) African Languages. Founded in 1998 or 1999 by Prof. Maurice Tadadjeu and the Cameroonian NGO NACALCO/ANACLAC.

According to Dutcher (2004:57): "It is proposed as a joint project for the initial development of unwritten African languages to be carried out by partner institutions and persons involved in education, applied linguistic research, and sustainable development of African communities through literacy and the training of adults. The project will involve some 3000 linguists coming from academic as well as non-academic circles."

"Professor Maurice Tadadjeu initiated in 1998 an ambitious project, BASAL ... intended to provide every unwritten African language with a minimal standard written form within the next 15 years, with the participation of some 3000 linguists."


Dutcher, Nadine. 2004. Expanding Educational Opportunity in Linguistically Diverse Societies, 2nd. ed. Washington, DC: Center for Applied Linguistics.

LDL - Linguistic diversity and literacy in a global perspective, "The LDL team"

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