This is also Appendix III (Section 12.3) of the Survey Document

Countries of Africa

This section includes brief profiles of the language, ICT and localisation situations of all countries of Africa.

Policies, including those relating to languages and to ICT, are of course defined within countries by their respective governmental systems. Localisation efforts in Africa also tend to focus on the country in which they are based. It is essential therefore to consider various factors on the country level - at which some languages are grouped, and others divided - and how these affect localisation.

The list of countries and one territory follows in English alphabetical order (after each country name, its two-letter ISO-3166 country code is given in parentheses):

Each country profile page has four sections:

  1. Language information: summary of languages spoken, with mention of language policies
  2. ICT situation: a summary of the ICT situation, with attention to software issues and ICT policy
  3. Localisation situation: a summary of information available about the localisation situation
  4. References

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