Cross-border languages in Africa: A list

This is one of 5 lists of major African languages reviewed in 2006
for revising the list of Major Languages on this wiki.

This list of cross-border languages is copied (via a scan) from: Elugbe, Ben. 1998. "Cross-border and Major Languages of Africa." In K. Legère, ed. Cross-border languages : reports and studies, Regional Workshop on Cross-Border Languages, National Institute for Educational Development (NIED), Okahandja, 23-27 September 1996. Windhoek : Gamsberg Macmillan. The text below is from pp. 29-30. Links have been added to relevant sections of this wiki.

In the list below, an asterisk (*) is prefixed to those that are acceptable, two asterisks (**) to those of unquestionable membership and three asterisks (***) to those that qualify to be called regional languages. Each language has its countries of occurrence shown against it.

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