ISO 639

ISO 639 is a set of codes that stand for languages. These have various uses including in locale data? and tagging web content.

There are several parts, some adopted, some in the process of planning. These are summarized in the table below (which is an updated version of that in section 6 the Document surveying the localisation situation in Africa).

ISO 639DescriptionStatusReference site
-1?2-letter codes for languagesExisted for several years; formally adopted in 2002
-2?3-letter codes for languages & collectionsAdopted in 1998
-3?3-letter codes for individual languages (comprehensive)Adopted in 2007
-4?Guidelines & principles for language encodingFirst edition in 2010
-5?3-letter codes for language groupsFirst edition in 2008
-6?4-letter codes for language variationsWithdrawn

Additional references

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