Information Technology Centre for Africa

The Information Technology Centre for Africa (ITCA) was an initiative of UNECA. Its scope was interAfrican.

Webpage: (page no longer on UNECA site; access old ITCA pages via )

It was described as follows: "an information and communication technology (ICT) focused exhibition and learning centre to demonstrate to African policy makers and planners the value of ICT for African development. The ITCA will contribute to the realization of the Africa Information Society Initiative (AISI). ... The concept of ITCA has grown out of the need to wrap a framework around the growing number of mandates and ICT related outreach activities spearheaded by ECA." (archived ITCA homepage)

It was created by UNECA "in partnership with the World Bank?, infoDev? and Cisco Systems - [as] both an exhibition and a training space to demonstrate to policy makers the potential of ICT for development." (Zunia)

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