Language Weaver

Language Weaver was a company working on statistical approaches to automatic language translation and natural language processing, including statistical machine translation software.

Website: (website closed; access old DOT-COM pages via )

Language Weaver, Inc. was incorporated in January 2002. After being bought by SDL? in 2010, it was known as SDL Language Weaver.

As of 2008, it had been doing some work on African languages, including:

"Statistical MT was once thought appropriate only for languages with very large amounts of pre-translated data. However, with new advances in SMT, SDL Language Weaver has been able to also create translation systems for languages smaller amounts of parallel data. Additionally, with customization, SMT can also 'learn' to accurately translate highly technical material." (Wikipedia, accessed 2015-10-07)

It appears that SDL is no longer using this name for any part of its operations.

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