Lingsoft is an "international full service language company" headquartered in Finland. It was founded in 1986 and is a commercial software company.

Website: (also available in English; disponible aussi en fran├žais)


"Lingsoft provides a complete set of language management solutions related to written and spoken languages - translation and localisation services, customized language checkers, text mining tools, speech controlled services etc." "Lingsoft produces the proofing tools for all Nordic languages and German included in the Microsoft Office?."


Lingsoft has been working on Swahili for some years. In the mid-2000s it had a linguistically very advanced Swahili Spellchecker (based upon finite-state transducers), which came as a standalone, or integrated in Microsoft Word?, with further development into information retrieval and machine translation, by Arvi Hurskainen. As of June 2007 this was licensed to Microsoft for use in its products

Currently, "Lingsoft's language modules for Swahili are based on a proprietary finite-state two-level model of Swahili morphology, which contains a comprehensive model of the inflectional, compositional and derivational features of the language, combined with a lexicon of more than 25,000 lexemes?. Two-level rules conduct morphological alterations like >kitabu, vitabu (book, books)." See: