Africa track at LISA/Cairo 2005

This is a gateway page to a temporary suite of pages to help with aspects of organization of the track on Localization in African Languages at the LISA (Localisation Industry Standards Association) conference in Cairo, 5-8 December 2005.

The website for the conference is at: [site now offline]


The following list is current as of 8 Nov. (there are some possible additions and one possible distance presentation):

Deadlines & details for presenters

See: [site now offline]

We are being added to the program as a group. However, the organizers are asking that we presenters each register on their website as soon as possible at [site now offline]

... and also to give a short indication of the title and subject matter of our presentations at [site now offline]

We are also being asked to give our presentations (PowerPoint/Impress slides, or paper) by Nov. 17. Our track is a little special the way it is organized so we are not bound by the original deadline of Nov. 11.


Mr. Sherin El Rayes of Concord Conferences and Exhibitions, Ltd. (Cairo) and his office are handling logistics for travel, etc. More info forthcoming.