As the localisation movement in Africa grows and develops, and indeed to nurture and enhance that process, it is necessary to identify what the needs are and prioritise them.

I am suggesting two broad categories into which to group these. The first, Technical and Linguistic may at first seem itself to be two separate categories. In fact there is considerable overlap when it comes to decisions about treatment of writing and text. "Linguistic" in this sense is in the more generic ("related to language") meaning than that of research into the workings of language, but the latter does have a bearing on localisation work.

The second category - Strategic and Organisational - is easily overlooked but essential to successful localisation. Too often parallel efforts needlessly duplicate effort, initiatives begun with high hopes lack the vision to continue, and the problem of lack of resources becomes a block. Additionally, it is important that these efforts find ways to gain allies in building a favorable environment for localisation. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss and plan how localisation projects can more effectively organise their efforts and coordinate with each other.