Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSIWA) is based in Braamfontein, South Africa. It works in 9 countries of Southern Africa.

Website: http://www.osisa.org/

"OSISA works to build and strengthen the values, practices and institutions of an open society throughout Southern Africa. As a foundation, OSISA provides African leadership in the definition and development, within the specificities of Southern African realities, of the concept and ideals of an open society."

It has an ICT Programme http://www.osisa.org/programmes/ict with a mission of contributing "towards an environment whereby the free and equitable flow of information and the deployment of appropriate technologies, systems and knowledge networks are applied to enhance and deepen citizen's rights, access, usage and participation towards an open society."

OSISA is connected to the Open Society Inistitute (OSI) and the Soros Foundation.

See also: OSIWA

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