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Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages is a resource website on scripts and orthographies for many languages. It is referenced on many pages of the Major languages and Writing systems sections of this wiki.

En français, c'est Omniglot - le guide des langues écrites.

URL: http://www.omniglot.com/

The site also has other resources about languages.

RSS feed for Omniglot news


RSS feed: Omniglot news

New phrases page: Do you speak a language other than [your own]?

How ask people if they speak a language other than their mother tongue.

New language: Alyutor (Нәмәлʔу)

Alyutor is a Chukotko-Kamchatkan language spoken on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberia in the north east of Russia by about 25 people.

New numbers page: Chukchi (Ԓыгъоравэтԓьэн йиԓыйиԓ)

How to count in Chukchi, a Chukotko-Kamchatkan language spoken in Siberia in the north east of Russia.

New numbers page: Tlingit (Lingít)

How to count in Tlingit, a Na-Déné language spoken in Alaska in the USA, and in British Colombia in Canada.

New language: Chiquihuitlán Mazatec (Hne naja)

Chiquihuitlán Mazatec is a Mazatec language spoken, and whistled, in Oaxaca in southern Mexico by about 1,500 people.

New language: Gonja (Ngbanyito)

Gonja is a Kwa language spoken in northern Ghana by about 310,000 people.

New language: Gen (Mina)

Gen is a Gbe language spoken in parts of Benin and Togo by about 330,000 people.

New numbers page: Torwali (توروالى)

How to count in Torwali, a Dardic language spoken mainly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan.

New language: Kawaiisu (Nüwü'abigidü)

Kawaiisu is an Uto-Aztecan language spoken in Kern County in southern California in the USA by 3 people.

New language: Torwali (توروالى)

Torwali is a Dardic language spoken mainly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan by about 80,000 people.

New language: Zeelandic (Zeêuws)

Zeelandic is a Lower Franconian language spoken in Zeeland and South Holland in the south of the Netherlands by about 250,000 people.

New time page: English

How to tell the time in various varities of English.

New language: Limba (Hulimba)

Limba is an Atlantic-Congo language spoken in Sierra Leone and Guinea by about 442,000 people.

New language: Kasem (Kasena)

Kasem is member of the Gur branch of Niger-Congo language family spoken in Burkina Faso and Ghana by about 250,000 people.

New language: Atong

Atong is a Sino-Tibetan language spoken in Meghalaya and Assam states in the northeast India, and in neighbouring areas of Bangladesh.

New language: Monguor

Monguor is a Mongolic language spoken in Qinghai and Gansu Provinces in northeastern China, and in Mongolia, by about 150,000 people.
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