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Omniglot - the online encyclopedia of writing systems & languages is a resource website on scripts and orthographies for many languages. It is referenced on many pages of the Major languages and Writing systems sections of this wiki.

En français, c'est Omniglot - le guide des langues écrites.

URL: http://www.omniglot.com/

The site also has other resources about languages.

RSS feed for Omniglot news


RSS feed: Omniglot news

New language: Ditidaht (diid̓iitidq)

Ditidaht is a southern Wakashan language spoken in Vancouver Island in British Columbia in Canada by about 68 people.

New language: Michif

Michif is a mixed language combining Cree and French, and spoken in parts of Canada and the USA by about 730 people.

New adapted script: Gruzitsa (გრუზიცა)

The Gruzitsa script is an adaptation of the Georgian script for the Serbian language created by Alexander R.

New adapted script: Lao Māori (ລະໂ ມາໂຣິ)

The Lao Māori script is an adaptation of the Lao script for the Māori language created by Alexander.

New constructed script: Kākauna

Kākauna is an alternative way to write Hawaiian devised by Hayyim Obadyah in 2018.

New page: Terms of endearment in Danish

Danish terms of endearment for spouses, partners, children and other loved ones.

New language: Kaiwá

Kaiw´ is a Tup´-Guaran´ language spoken by about 180,000 people mainly in southern Brazil, and also in Argentina.

New language: Huambisa (Wampís)

Huambisa is a Jivaroan language spoken in northern Peru by about 8,000 people.

New language: Toda (தோதா)

Toda is a Dravidian language spoken in Tamil Nadu in southern India by about 1,600 people.

New language and script: Sui

Sui is a Tai language spoken in mainly southern China, and also in northern Vietnam, by about 300,000 people. It has its own logographic script.

New constructed script: Dhadakha

Dhadakha was invented invented by Brian Bourque to write his constructed language, Lortho. It is based on Tibetan and Tengwar.

New alphabet: Mandombe

The Mandombe alphabet as created by Wabeladio Payi of the DRC in 1978, and can be used to write Kikongo, Lingala, Tshiluba and Swahili.

New constructed script: Living Script

The Living Script is an alternative way to write English created by Roger Long to use in his art.

Improved page: Xhosa (isiXhosa)

The Xhosa includes more information about the language, corrected alphabet charts, and videos with pronunciation.

New Tower of Babel translation: Romanian (Limba română)

A version of the Tower of Babel story in Romanian from Palia de la Orăștie Bible of 1581.

New article: 12 Tips for Reading in a Foreign Language

An article about ways you can try reading in languages you are learning, and the benefits of doing so.
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