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SchoolNet Africa

An ICT4E program in Africa.

  • "SchoolNet Africa is dedicated to providing schoolnet practitioners in Africa with value-added information and a range of resources in support to the use of ICTs in Education initiatives at local level."
  • "SchoolNet Africa est dévoué à fournir des informations importantes aux praticiens SchoolNet en Afrique ainsi qu’un ensemble de ressources pour soutenir l’utilisation des TICs dans les initiatives éducatives au niveau national."
  • "O SchoolNet África dedica-se a proporcionar a todos os implementadores de schoolnet em África de informação de valor acrescentado e uma variedade de recursos para suportar o uso de ICTs em iniciativas de Educação a nível local."
  • "SchoolNet Africa imejitolea kuwapatia wataalam wa SchoolNet Africa habari zenye thamani zaidi na vyanzo mbalimbali vitakavyo saidia katika matumizi ya ICTs kwenye elimu katika ngazi ya kitaifa."

Website: http://www.schoolnetafrica.org/

SchoolNet Africa was a co-organiser of Africa Source II.

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