Turing Center

The Turing Center at the University of Washington, U.S., is a "multidisciplinary research center ... investigating problems at the crossroads of natural language processing, data mining, Web search, and the Semantic Web." (from the Turing Center website)

Website: http://turing.cs.washington.edu/


"The Center was established in May 2005 with a multi-million dollar gift from the Utilika Foundation, which is augmented by [U.S.] federal research grants from the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, the Army Research Office, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency?, and the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity as well as support from Google and the Washington Research Foundation." (from the Turing Center website)

Mission statement: "to advance the philosophy, science, and technology of pan-lingual communication and collaboration among human and artificial agents."

Among its projects (as of 2007) was "Panlingual Lexical Translation" (webpage now offline: www.cs.washington.edu/research/panlingual ) which created "PanImages" (website now offline: panimages.org ) , which was "a cross-lingual image search system that enables users to issue queries in over 1,000 languages using more than 2,500,000 words, and translates the queries automatically." (Turing Center website, accessed 2007)

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